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Article: The best of two worlds - LEGNA and Merino

Das Beste aus zwei Welten - LEGNA und Merino

The best of two worlds - LEGNA and Merino

A blend of two premium natural fibers that bring everything you need to make a lasting mark on your wardrobe.

May we present: The combination of LEGNA and Merino, for a collection of knit sweaters made from wood-based fibers and traceable, sustainably sourced Merino wool.

About the wood fiber

Tencel® is a cellulose fiber obtained from sustainably managed eucalyptus or beech trees from FSC forests. These forests have certification that guarantees responsible logging and reforestation of the trees. This wood is then processed in a closed loop, meaning 99% of all chemicals and water are recycled instead of being released into the environment.

It's a remarkable process that we think has been built in a very progressive and forward-looking way. And because Tencel® is a fiber derived exclusively from wood, it is biodegradable. So what happens when you combine Tencel® and merino?

Wood fiber (Tencel® Lyocell) is a natural and high-performance fiber made from sustainably harvested wood. The fibers contribute to elegant shine, silky soft touch and cooling effect on the skin.

Our products from wood fibers

Merino - the all-rounder

The functional benefits of merino wool should be common knowledge: super soft, breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial and durable. Merino wool combines style, comfort and performance in perfect harmony.

Besides the well-known warming properties of merino wool, the fiber is also super suitable for summer. Because the wool has the ability to absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture. The moisture is stored inside the fiber, while the fiber surface remains dry. For example, it absorbs sweat or rain from the skin and stores it in its fibers. The warm summer air causes the absorbed moisture to evaporate on the outside. This creates the evaporative cooling, which leaves a cooling sensation on the skin.

Innovative material mix for maximum comfort

Combined, these two fibers bring together the best of both worlds, allowing us to co-create a new category of premium clothing that is versatile and a must-have of any stylish wardrobe.

Both fibers are known for their ability to keep warm and wick moisture away from the body. However, Tencel® is able to wick away sweat three times faster than merino alone, so its performance in combination increases significantly. The combination of merino and wood fibers keeps you cool, dry and comfortable in summer and warm and dry in winter.

Did you know that sweat alone is actually odorless? The reason for the unpleasant smell are the bacteria that begin to decompose the sweat. Synthetic fibers have a very smooth structure in which sweat and bacteria can settle particularly well. Merino wool, on the other hand, has a scaly surface that makes it almost impossible for bacteria to settle. Wood fiber, on the other hand, is significantly smoother, but has a very similar positive effect on odor reduction due to its antimicrobial effect. In addition, merino wool has a kind of self-cleaning effect.This blend is softer, more durable and dries faster than merino alone, making it ideal for almost anything everyday.

The LEGNA-Merino blend is therefore designed for people who demand more from their clothes. Wear them indoors, outdoors or even during light sports (e.g. hiking, golfing, etc.) and still feel comfortable, luxurious and stylish.

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