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How sustainable is Swiss fashion?


In our LANA collection , we offer products that not only consist of innovative and sustainable materials, but these sustainable jackets are made entirely in Switzerland. These exclusive jackets are therefore made in Switzerland, more precisely in Rothenthurm in the canton of Schwyz. In the production of the entire garment, we avoid using harmful chemicals and we can accurately trace the history of the entire product.

Wool from Switzerland for clothes?

Until the beginning of the 21st century , the federal government operated a wool center in Switzerland , which collected all Swiss sheep's wool and brought it to the market. The purchase of the sheep's wool was thus guaranteed at a fixed price. Finally, in 2009, the subsidies for the domestic further processing of the wool were reduced and the headquarters had to be closed. Unfortunately, Swiss wool is now seen more as a waste product than as a high-quality raw material. Unfortunately, Swiss wool is often thrown away or burned today.

Some textile companies have already recognized that Swiss wool is ideal for insulation in outdoor clothing. But we wanted to go one step further and use Swiss wool as the main material for our LANA jacket and also have this jacket produced locally in Switzerland.

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Demanding processing

In addition, the processing of Swiss wool for textiles is demanding due to its nature . Because the wool of our local sheep breeds is - in contrast to the fine merino wool from New Zealand or Australia - rather rough and scratchy. That also makes sense: the animals that live in the mountains have to be robust. You must have “a thick skin”, so to speak.

We have found 3 small businesses in northern Italy as partners for yarn production and the subsequent weaving and dyeing. They know how to handle a raw material as complex as Swiss wool. After a development period of more than 2 years, around 1.5 kilometers of wool fabric were made from 1.2 tons of Swiss wool . And all of this within a radius of less than 100 kilometers and according to the strictest sustainability criteria. A true Swiss wool innovation!

If anyone is wondering whether our LANA woolen jackets are rather rough and scratchy: No! The outer fabric is comfortable to wear due to the high-quality processing of Swiss sheep's wool. And the entire inside of the wool jacket is lined with a silky soft wood-based lining.

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