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1 jacket = 1m2 Graubünden

Don't talk about holidays in Graubünden, talk about your country in Graubünden.

By purchasing a jacket from the MIUtec collection you get 1 m2 on the official Muntagnard Land in Graubünden.
This means you can immediately become a landowner* and therefore a Graubünden resident*.

As an MIUtec jacket owner, you are automatically a member of the Muntagnard ComMIUnity, which owns the forest in Graubünden.

The shared piece of land should deliberately remain natural and free from human intervention, because
It was also nature that made Graubünden what it is today.
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Not just a piece of fabric. A piece of Graubünden.

Feel at home

I will already be a Graubünden resident

Win a piece of Graubünden

Try your luck now and win 1m2 of Graubünden

Putting down roots in Graubünden with MIUtec.

Just take patgific and enjoy.

FAQ about the “Become a Grisons resident” campaign