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MIUtec Iso jacket

The future of sportswear

The MIUtec Iso jacket was awarded the ISPO Award by the expert jury at the world's most important trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion in the midst of great products from On, Patagonia and The North Face and also received the Public Choice Award from the community.​​

Discover the innovative performance jacket designed for the circular economy. It is durable, recyclable and more rapidly biodegradable. In addition, it is light, functional and timelessly discreet in design. A jacket that combines comfort, functionality and sustainable innovation.​

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ISPO Public Choice Award Winner

Discover the innovation

The MIUtec Iso jacket fits perfectly with your active lifestyle. It was developed for people who also like to think outside the box. Whether as an all-season jacket or as an additional layer of warmth on colder days, the MIUtec Iso jacket is the ideal companion. In addition to being used for sporting activities, the jacket is also designed for everyday use - from work to Sunday brunch.

What makes the Iso jacket so special?

The entire MIUtec collection is developed for the circular economy and whenever possible we follow the principle of mono materials.

This means that only the same and similar materials are used. This makes the products easier to recycle and reuse at the end of their life.

With the MIUtec Iso jacket, we therefore only use two materials for the entire jacket:

  • New type of polyamide for fabric, sewing thread and the complete zipper.
  • Wood fibers for the warming insulation layer

Both materials are also more quickly biodegradable, which means that the material of the MIUtec insulating jacket can degrade around 10 times faster than comparable products.


The MIUtec Iso jacket was honored with an ISPO Award by the expert jury at the world's most important trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion. "An inspiring product in times when precisely this type of innovation is required," said the jury.

In addition, the jacket received the ISPO Public Choice Award 2022 among all products, which was chosen directly by the sports community of the ISPO Collaborators Club.

About the MIUtec Iso jacket

Material Infinite Use Technology

"miu" means "my" in Romansh. You and your product are the focus at MIUtec, because the material of your MIUtec clothing can be used almost endlessly. At the end of your product's life, we take it back and make a new t-shirt, sweatshirt or even a jacket out of it.

We go the extra mile

Our MIUtec products are designed holistically in terms of the circular economy. So we don't stop at the fabric. The zippers, labels and the sewing thread are also made from the same material - a new type of polyamide. For additional comfort and mobility, an innovative elastane fiber is used, which can also be decomposed non-toxically (C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Gold).

MIU-made fibre​

A material that is not only completely recyclable, but also biodegrades more quickly. In anaerobic landfills, the unique composition of MIUtec materials allows bacteria to access and digest the waste materials. This speeds up the biodegradation process. While other plastics take centuries, MIUtec products can decompose in 3-5 years.

We only work with recyclable and biodegradable materials.

About us

We are a young Swiss Fashiontec company that wants to promote sustainable innovations. We are convinced that in today's world it is good to be different. Different from the standard, different from the status quo and the way it's always been done. We break new ground, develop alternative solutions and drive sustainable innovations.

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