Rethinking is our nature

We are convinced that in today's world it is quite good to be different. Different from the standard, different from the status quo and the way it's always been done. We are here to break new ground, test alternative solutions and, above all, make sustainability worth striving for. We rethink, we question and we never stop evolving. What it doesn't need is another brand that produces clothes a little more sustainably. Our raison d'être lies in sustainable innovation, courage for new solutions and breaking new ground. We bring you closer to the future of the textile industry and support you on your way with uncompromising garments.

initial position

The textile industry is much more complex than it might appear at first glance. Sustainability must also be considered comprehensively, which only makes the challenge even greater. Reason enough to capitulate to the complexity of sustainable developments in the textile industry.

Optimistic forward

At Muntagnard we are unstoppable optimists. We don't want to be doomsayers and skeptics. Like our Swiss ancestors, we remain tenacious when it comes to our mission. Because we are convinced that the future does not have to stand for compromises and restrictions.

Courage for new things

Sustainable innovations can surprise and convince us all in a positive way. There are countless exciting technologies, materials and concepts that we want to make tangible and usable. That’s why you always find the word “rethinking” in our mottos. Because we never want to stop thinking about and promoting the transition to a great future. Promised.

Consciously different

Not being different in principle, but consciously tackling challenges differently, thinking, planning and developing differently. We are convinced that new approaches and paths are needed today and we are ready to tread these new paths.

We want to make sustainability tangible, tangible and desirable. To do this, we are prepared to consciously walk longer, newer and more uncertain paths. And we never stop evolving our approaches and products. Up to the best solution. Promised.

Sustainable innovations

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