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Dario and Dario chat out of the box

Dario und Dario plaudern aus dem Nähkästchen
Would you like to find out more about our Graubünden fashion label or are you wondering who is behind it? The two Muntagnard founders Dario and Dario chat in the video format "Questions for Dario and Dario".

Muntagnard (Romansh for “mountain person”) started in Graubünden in 2018 with the two founders Dario Pirovino and Dario Grünenfelder and the ambition to create the best possible jacket. And that without any prior knowledge of the textile industry.

Part 1: Creation of Muntagnard

The first part "Questions for Dario and Dario" is about why the two founded Muntagnard and what the name means. The Muntagnards also talk about the best moment so far and the biggest challenge facing the young Swiss company.


Part 2: Textiles made of wood

LEGNA T-shirts are made of wood fibers. In the next video, the two Darios tell how it came about to produce a T-shirt out of wood. And how wood becomes a fabric and how the fabric feels.


Part 3: Your own material development

For the LANA jackets , the two people from Graubünden have developed their own fabric made from Swiss wool. Why exactly was Muntagnard used Swiss wool and how does it feel? Why did you develop your own? Find out in the third video.


Do you have any further questions for the two? Then write them below in the comments.

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