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We rely on the highest quality materials, work with the best producers in Europe and follow the highest sustainability criteria. We want to prove to you that you never have to compromise between quality, style and sustainability again. Make a lasting impression with our dresses, with minimal impact on nature.

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«We develop solutions for everyone who wants to wear responsible clothing without sacrificing comfort, style and quality.»

Dario P. Founder Muntagnard

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I didn't know cotton could be so soft! You feel doubly comfortable because of the great material and because of the production. Gladly again, gladly more!


"Didn't believe it myself, but it's really like this: The wooden shirt is great for cooling in summer. Suitable as a t-shirt, but also under sweaters.”


"This is my favorite t-shirt! Thank you and respect – your standards are high. I've experienced different qualities with other labels. Very fast delivery and friendly advice via email. Thanks!"


“The material is awesome! The price made me a bit suspicious at first, but the thing is absolutely worth it. I've never had such a soft and well-fitting sweater."


"My favorite jumper: high-quality workmanship with a lot of attention to detail (e.g. bottom hem or sleeve ends), very comfortable to wear. I'm looking forward to hopefully other, possibly cheekier colors. Product has its price...rightly so."


Swiss Made LANA

LANA wool coat (women) Sale priceFrom CHF 790.00 Regular priceCHF 1,250.00
LANA wool coat (men) Sale priceFrom CHF 590.00 Regular priceCHF 1,250.00

We develop solutions for the circular economy.

Rethinking textiles

We are convinced that in today's world it is good to be different. Different from the standard, different from the status quo and the way it's always been done. We break new ground, develop alternative solutions and drive sustainable innovations.

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Impact Assessment

Understanding the true value of our clothes is fundamental to what we do. The more we know, the better decisions we can make. And the faster we can develop ourselves and our products.

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The circularity of clothing by Muntagnard

Benefits of circular economy

The circular economy model is based on the idea of ​​keeping resources in the economic cycle for as long as possible, reducing waste and maximizing the value of resources. It offers numerous benefi...