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our warmest jacket yet...

MIUtec Re:Down jacket

now available

MIUtec Iso hooded jacket

Sustainable textile innovations

Born in the Swiss mountains

Handmade in Switzerland

Wool jackets & coats

Fashion trends come and go, which is why we focus on the best quality, timeless designs and building up a permanent collection. We stand for the reinterpretation of timeless classics.

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But not in nature.

Strickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #farbe_weiss
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The best of both worlds

Sweater made from the finest merino wool and elegant wood fiber. Spoil yourself with these timeless classics for every occasion.


The finest materials meet sustainable, innovative production processes and timeless designs.

From our carefully selected European suppliers to our production processes, we create transparency and do everything to leave the smallest possible footprint.


Our latest polo shirt impresses with a classic piqué fabric made from the finest long-staple cotton.

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Revolution Cape Coat

An absolute favorite of our designers. The Cape Coat combines Swiss craftsmanship with the finest materials and incomparable comfort.

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Revolution jacket

For the classically elegant look. Handmade in Switzerland with great attention to detail.

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LEGNA-MERINO knit sweater

Experience the incredible comfort of our ribbed knit sweater made of wool and wood fibers and enjoy the highest quality and a timeless style.

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The ALGA Hoodie combines natural functionalities in a classic, timeless design. Our latest fabric innovation transforms nature into a textile by processing wood pulp and algae powder together.

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You should never again have to compromise between comfort, style and sustainability.


Timeless designs. Innovative materials. Developed in Switzerland.

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Strickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #farbe_dunkelblauStrickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #farbe_anthrazit
Strickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #farbe_dunkelblauStrickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #farbe_anthrazit
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MIUtec Re:Down - Winterjacken neu gedacht

MIUtec Re:Down - winter jackets rethought

We proudly present our MIUtec Re:Down jacket, the result of a two-year journey that offers great warmth and sustainability. Made from biodegradable polyamide for the outer and inner fabric and fill...

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HCD x Muntagnard

HCD x Muntagnard

A partnership with deep roots There are partnerships that are almost too perfect. Two Graubünden organizations that operate in completely different areas, but still have so much in common. A combi...

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Mikrofaser-Abrieb und Mikroplastik-Verschmutzung

Microfiber abrasion and microplastic pollution

Microfiber shedding is quietly contributing to a major environmental issue: microplastic pollution. Discover how your clothing choices might be releasing tiny synthetic fibers into the environment ...

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Timeless fashion

Developed in Graubünden