The future of sportswear

The synthetic fiber is the most used fiber in sportswear. So far, however, it has hardly been recyclable and if it ends up in nature, it ends up as non-degradable plastic. We rely on innovative functional fibers that are not only recyclable, but can also biodegrade within a few years. At best, however, our MIUtec materials are recycled countless times, because we can reuse them almost endlessly (MIUtec = Material Infinite Use Technology).

Functionality meets sustainability
MIUtec stands for the circular economy. We don't stop at the material. Even the zippers, labels and sewing thread are made exclusively from recyclable materials.​

Franca, Product Developer Muntagnard

Material Infinite Use Technology

"miu" means "my" in Romansh. You and your product are the focus at MIUtec, because the material of your MIUtec clothing can be used almost endlessly. At the end of your product's life, we take it back and make a new t-shirt, sweatshirt or even a jacket out of it.

We go the extra mile

Our MIUtec products are designed holistically in terms of the circular economy. So we don't stop at the fabric. The zippers, labels and the sewing thread are also made from the same material - a new type of polyamide. For additional comfort and mobility, an innovative elastane fiber is used, which can also be decomposed non-toxically (C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ Gold).

MIU-made fibre​

A material that is not only completely recyclable, but also biodegrades more quickly. In anaerobic landfills, the unique composition of MIUtec materials allows bacteria to access and digest the waste materials. This speeds up the biodegradation process. While other plastics take centuries, MIUtec products can decompose in 3-5 years.

Winner of the ISPO Public Choice Award 2022

MIUtec Iso jacket

A new kind of sportswear - designed and developed for the circular economy.
The official winner of the Public Choice Award at ISPO 2022.

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Public Choice Awards

The MIUtec Iso jacket was developed together with the industrial design agency Innovation Unit. ISPO is the world's most important trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion. The expert jury awarded our jacket for its design, functionality and innovative, sustainable materials, as well as the fact that the jacket can be recycled more easily and consists exclusively of more rapidly biodegradable materials.

Video on the MIUtec jacket

We work exclusively with recyclable and biodegradable materials.




Designed for Circularity

The C-shirt is a mono-material product made from a new type of polyamide, recyclable and more rapidly biodegradable. At the end of the product's life, we take it back and can use it to make a sports shirt of the same value.