The best jacket

That was our ambition when we decided to found Muntagnard. The cornerstone for this, our LANA line made of Swiss wool.

Return of Swiss wool
The feedback from numerous textile experts was always the same: "You can no longer make jacket fabric from Swiss wool." But nobody could tell us why not. We stuck to that...

Dario P., co-founder Muntagnard

Why (not) Swiss wool?

Sheep's wool is excellent at regulating temperature. However, the wool of our local sheep breeds is thicker and more robust than merino wool. Makes sense too: in the mountains they need strong protection. But why not use the wool or even burn it?

Wool quality as a challenge

When it comes to sheep farming in Switzerland, the focus is usually not on the quality of the wool, since sheep breeds are primarily crossbred and bred for meat quality. Sheep are also sheared twice a year instead of just once a year, mostly as a matter of tradition. This is a further challenge for use in the textile industry: for high-quality fabrics, thin wool fibers that are as long as possible and have an even texture are key.

Our own development

Some brands have already discovered that Swiss sheep's wool is ideal for insulating clothing. We wanted to go one step further. Swiss wool should become the main material for our jackets, combined exclusively with biodegradable materials. Since no one produced such substances anymore, we threw ourselves into our own development.

Short transport routes

We get the Swiss wool from our partner wollsein. He collects the wool directly from the Swiss sheep farmers and pays them a fair price. The wool is then sorted by hand and washed ecologically. For further processing, we work together with traditional small businesses in northern Italy. They know how to handle a raw material as complex as Swiss wool.

Handmade in Switzerland

Our wool jackets and coats are all made by hand in a small factory in the canton of Schwyz. Here, thanks to traditional tailoring and modern design, the most sustainable jackets for enthusiasts are created.


The latest jacket innovation from our development department


recycled merino wool

Premium recycling

How is merino wool sustainable? Recycled! Our specially developed jacket fabric is made from old clothing and production leftovers. Our partners in northern Italy reprocess the wool fibers, use them to spin new yarns and weave them into a new, soft fabric. Thanks to recycling, the lifespan of existing fibers can be extended and waste reduced. In our eyes a true ReWoolution.

The ReWoltuion

In addition to our own development, we were looking for a suitable, softer addition. The obvious step: wool from Merino sheep, whose fibers are much longer and thinner. Merino wool has established itself on the market as a sustainable textile fiber. However, this should be treated with caution. The way the sheep are kept and processed has a significant impact on animals and nature: high water consumption, excessive CO2 emissions, long transport routes, unethical animal husbandry through mulesing, chemical cocktails and the displacement of local wool.