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The most functional natural yarn

Made of wood & wool

Elegance has never been so functional

The two super fibers merino wool and wood fiber form the basis for our breathable and elegant knitted sweaters. LEGNA-MERINO is almost as soft as cashmere, up to 4x more breathable than cotton and also a groundbreaking, sustainable innovation. This makes LEGNA-MERINO perfect for everyone who is looking for optimal temperature regulation and wants to look stunning with a clear conscience.

Traceable NATIVA™ wool

Our wool

We teamed up with the experts at NATIVA™ to develop a "Muntagnard" wool that not only meets the highest quality standards, but also achieves new levels of sustainability. The wool comes exclusively from farmers who adhere to animal welfare, regenerative land management and ethical labor standards.

NATIVA™: The detailed supply chain

Wood-based natural fiber

wood fiber

The regenerated wood-based cellulose fiber used has almost identical properties to cotton, but has a significantly lower environmental impact. Fiber production requires approximately 5 times less cultivation area and up to 80% less water than is normally the case with cotton. Production takes place without the use of pesticides or insecticides. The non-toxic solvents used can be used again and again in the production process in a closed circuit.

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The combination

wool & wood

The combination of bio-based and animal fibers make the yarn more durable than pure merino wool.
The temperature-regulating and odor-inhibiting properties of the wool are ideally complemented and reinforced by the natural wood fiber. Thanks to an environmentally friendly, chlorine-free additional treatment, the products can also be washed in the washing machine as normal.

Native Wool

Transparency in the supply chain means that we can actually show our customers the path of the wool from LEGNA-MERINO. You can find out every step of the production process via QR codes on every product.

The NATIVA™ protocol certifies every step of the supply chain, from the farm to us, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare, land management/environmental and social responsibility.

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Strickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #color_dark blueStrickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #color_anthracite
Strickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #color_white
Strickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #color_dark blueStrickpullover LEGNA-MERINO Muntagnard #color_anthracite
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Restrained luxury

Discover our LEGNA-MERINO products, which were developed for timeless elegance and unbeatable comfort. Experience the difference that you and nature will notice.