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Article: Together for innovation and sustainability

Gemeinsam für Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit

Together for innovation and sustainability

Right from the start on the wrong track

Since the beginning of our product development, we have focused on special “textile fibers made of wood”, a high-quality component in our products that has been optimized for sustainability. The "fibers made of wood" from our partner Lenzing , which have become known under the TENCEL brand, have become a stroke of luck for us - and accordingly our product portfolio is constantly being expanded with this component. With this in mind, of course, we didn't hesitate for a moment when Lenzing asked us to participate as part of their “Earth Month” campaign.

Sustainably optimized along the entire value chain

For us, ensuring the sustainability and quality of our materials from the raw material to the end product is Muntagnard's central raison d'être. However, working up the textile value chain is extremely complex, demanding and time-consuming - a circumstance that repeatedly complicates and lengthens our development cycles for new products. Nevertheless, we spare no effort to take on this additional effort in order to meet our own requirements for transparency, sustainability and quality.

Muntagnard - Lenzing - 117_compressed.png

That is why we gladly accepted the invitation from our Austrian partner “Lenzing” in February 2020 to clarify our open questions about the extraction of textile fibers from wood and to better understand the processes by means of a production tour. After all, it is still amazing to us how such a versatile fiber can be obtained from wood as a raw material, which gives our LEGNA T-shirt this unbelievable lightness and silky softness.

Experience the production of our textile fibers at the place of origin

Our day at the Lenzing production facility began with a brief introduction to the various production steps involved in fiber production. We really appreciated the fact that we were able to clarify our detailed questions about the sustainability of the award-winning production process directly in a friendly conversation with Peter Bartsch, Head of Sustainability. We are impressed by how Lenzing intends to further improve its current exemplary status with holistic sustainability initiatives. Then Doris Overrath introduced us to the different types of fiber available and other innovations. Andreas Gürtler rounded off the discussions with exciting current developments in the field of "Active Wear".

Muntagnard - Lenzing - 112_compressed.png

After these workshops we were able to enjoy a two-hour tour through the impressive factory premises. Through the direct experience of the debarking of the wood through the pulp production up to fiber extraction, we were able to sharpen our theoretical understanding of the effective processes again significantly.

LEGNA t-shirt returns to the origins

We were also pleased that our product, the LEGNA T-shirt, met with great interest within the Lenzing company. According to Sylvia Happel and Jutta Schörghuber, with whom we regularly exchange ideas as partners, the LEGNA T-shirt should be the only one made from 100% TENCEL Lyocell fibers: from the fabric to the details, such as the sewing thread or the washing labels.

Muntagnard - Lenzing - 255_compressed.png

We really appreciate that in Lenzing we have found a strong and reliable partner who shares our values in terms of sustainability and quality. We are therefore looking forward to working together in "Earth Month" and other collaborations.

A little tip for you: by using the hashtag #checkwhatsgood you can quickly find other brand partners who use TENCEL fibers. Of course, we can warmly recommend our LEGNA t-shirt. ;-)

If you have any further questions about our materials, production processes or products, contact us but like over Julianna or Aline will be happy to get back to you.

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