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Die Schweizer Produktion unserer Jacken

The Swiss production of our jackets

Today we are taking you to visit our production partner, Schuler Manufaktur in the canton of Schwyz, and give you some exciting insights into the advantages of Swiss jacket production. The LANA Sw...

MaterialienNachhaltiges Kaschmir

Recycled cashmere as a sustainable alternative

Cashmere is a luxurious and highly sought-after fiber, immensely valued for its softness and warmth. It is derived from the undercoat of cashmere goats found primarily in Mongolia, China, Iran, Afg...

NachhaltigkeitCiao, Falschangaben! Warum Rückverfolgbarkeit wichtig ist

Say Goodbye to False Claims: Why Traceability Matters

The textile industry is facing a serious challenge when it comes to the traceability and the false claims of sustainable materials. Read here about insights of this issue and why for us at Muntagna...

MaterialienBiologisch abbaubare Kleidung

Biodegradable clothing

Biodegradable clothing is a sensible step, but by no means a comprehensive solution to the textile industry's global environmental problems. In most cases, one can safely assume that biodegradable ...

NachhaltigkeitThe circularity of clothing by Muntagnard

Benefits of circular economy

The circular economy model is based on the idea of ​​keeping resources in the economic cycle for as long as possible, reducing waste and maximizing the value of resources. It offers numerous benefi...

MaterialienKleidung aus Holz

Clothing made of wood

Clothing made from wood has become a relevant alternative to synthetic and other natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Wood-based fibers offer numerous advantages in terms of sustainability, comfo...

MaterialienWie nachhaltig ist eigentlich Wolle?

How sustainable is wool, actually?

Sheep grazing on a lush meadow provide the sustainable raw material wool for natural, ecological clothing. This image should be conveyed to present clothing made of wool as a sustainable solution t...

MaterialienDas Beste aus zwei Welten - LEGNA und Merino

The best of two worlds - LEGNA and Merino

A blend of two premium natural fibers that bring everything you need to make a lasting mark on your wardrobe.May we present: The combination of LEGNA and Merino, for a collection of knit sweaters m...