roman for cotton


Cotton rethought.​

In the beginning we clearly decided against cotton. The reason for this? While organic standards are often touted as a sustainable solution, in most cases we have not been able to ensure the traceability of the raw material. Traceability is key for us, as various recent events confirm (forced labor in the Xinjiang region of China, abuses at organic certifiers in India, etc.). Because of this, it was clear to us from the start: we only use cotton if we can ensure that we can trace it back to the field.

Quality at the next level
"At MANGOLA we play with open cards. For an incredibly high-quality cotton that also sets new standards in sustainability."​

Dario G., co-founder Muntagnard

From and to Europe

The raw cotton is processed into yarn in Greece within 200km of the cotton fields. From there these are transported to our fabric producers in northern Portugal, where they are processed into luxurious cotton fabrics. Everything within the framework of STeP by OekoTex standards. All production in Europe therefore means not only optimized transport routes (75-90% reduction) and higher environmental guidelines, but also stricter social standards that ensure the safety and well-being of the workers involved.

Transparent Greek

A lot of people talk about it, we did it. Our MANGOLA line can be traced back along the entire supply chain to the cotton fields in Greece. We therefore know all the actors involved right down to the finished garment and can therefore offer complete transparency.

Sustainably optimised

We obtain our cotton almost exclusively from Europe. More specifically, from small family businesses in Greece. Unlike its conventional counterpart, our cotton is non-GMO, requires little to no pesticides, and keeps habitats natural: crop rotation protects the soil. In addition, a special irrigation system is used, which sometimes collects all excess water for reuse and saves on average over 40% of water compared to conventional cotton.

Long, longer, long staple

We rely on so-called long-staple fibers for our cotton. A level of quality that only a few percent of the world's cotton achieves. Long-staple cotton is elegant and velvety soft. It is finer, smoother, shinier and more durable. A fabric can thus be produced with a higher quality: it frays less, is not as prone to creasing and fades less quickly than ordinary cotton fabrics.

Recycled and organic

In addition to our European long-staple cotton, we also use recycled cotton from old clothes and production waste. In addition, we are already developing other innovative cotton fibers - always traceable, sustainably optimized and of the highest quality. Because sustainable cotton doesn't have to be boring and we want to prove that to you.




Greek premium cotton

From the fabric to the washing label, the MANGOLA T-shirts consist exclusively of the highest quality cotton.