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Article: New to the Muntagnard Flagship Store: QWSTION

People wearing QWSTION backpacks

New to the Muntagnard Flagship Store: QWSTION

"Are there other brands that work according to the same philosophy as Muntagnard?"

We have been asked this question many times by customers who are interested in further options for responsible, innovative products without having to compromise comfort, quality or style.

Yes, of course there are! And that's not all: From August 2023, circular backpacks and bags based on this approach will be available for purchase in the Muntagnard Flagship Store in Chur.

Let us introduce: QWSTION, the Zurich pioneer brand with groundbreaking circular product innovations including their specially developed material made from banana fibers: Bananatex®.

MUNTAGNARD: Rethinking is our Nature

Since 2018, we have dedicated our entire development team to developing the most desirable, circular clothing possible.

The founders Dario and Dario are responsible for the circular design. They develop the concepts for the products so that they are as circular as possible and source materials that correspond to this concept.

Franca Chiesa then takes care of the development of product innovations. As a former head of the development and innovation team with 20 employees at Kjus and experience as a developer at Norrona and Odlo, she is the ideal person to be able to implement groundbreaking clothing innovations.

Dario and Dario in Italy with the owners of a fabric manufacturer after having developed their own fabric made of Swiss wool "Muntagnard Swiss LANA"

Picture: Dario & Dario with the owners of the production facility for the specially developed fabric LANA

With this intensive and groundbreaking development approach, we want to support our customers in the ambition of responsible consumption by equipping you with responsibly produced clothing that is made of innovative, comfortable materials and makes you look good in your everyday adventures.

We were always asked if we didn't know of other brands that use the same approach to produce products that are high quality and fit into their ambition to lead a responsible lifestyle. In our journey and the intensive development, we actually come into contact again and again with companies that are driving forward pioneering developments in materials. On the other hand, also with brands that manufacture products based on a similar philosophy.

QWSTION is our answer

One brand that deals with exactly the same ambitions and that we have been following since the beginning is the Zurich bag development company QWSTION . QWSTION backpacks are known for combining function and design with sustainability. Since it was founded in 2008, the focus has been on creating versatile products for everyday use - with restrained aesthetics and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

The similarity in thinking and corporate philosophy with ours is striking: like Muntagnard, QWSTION questions established norms in terms of design and manufacturing. The founders around industrial designer Christian Kägi combine timeless aesthetics with practical details and high functionality.

Christian Kägi, Co-Founder and Creative Director at QWSTION

Image: Christian Kägi, co-founder of QWSTION

QWSTION was probably one of the first brands in the world to use canvas fabric made from organic cotton or, for example, vegetable-tanned leather in its first product lines of backpacks and bag models, with a well-thought-out design being key, which can be repaired in its office shop in Zurich . About five years ago, their own development came onto the market: Bananatex®, the world's first technical fabric made from fibers of the banana plant, which is organically cultivated in the Philippine highlands.

Bananatex® - a (r)evolutionary material

In 2015, Christian Kägi came into contact with the Abacá plant for the first time, a member of the banana tree family. The advantage: Cultivation takes place in an ecosystem of sustainable forestry, Abacá fibers are robust and do not require any pesticides or fertilizers in cultivation. These qualities contribute to the fact that the plant plays an important role in the reforestation of former palm oil plantations in cleared primeval forest areas, and enables farmers and their families to earn a secure income.

Bananatex Raw material

Image: Abacá plant

QWSTION has invested three years in research, testing and development to create a sustainable material that is robust enough for their backpacks, which means that environmentally harmful textiles made of plastic can be completely dispensed with, as the documentary film impressively shows.

Documentary on the development of Bananatex®. The world's first technical fabric made from banana fibers.

MUNTAGNARD x QWSTION: a natural fit and new in the flagship store in Chur

In 2018, the plastic-free certification company "flustix" recognized our LEGNA t-shirt as the first plastic-free piece of clothing in the world . This was followed by further product innovations such as the plastic-free jacket LANA or other monofibre products . QWSTION manufactures high-quality, plastic-free backpacks and bags made from organic cotton and Bananatex®. For us at MUNTAGNARD, the backpacks and bags are the ideal addition to our portfolio of recyclable products.

For this reason, we are extremely pleased that we can offer our customers the product solutions from QWSTION in our flagship store from August 2023 until the end of the year. 

Guest in the MUNTAGNARD Flagship Store: QWSTION

QWSTION is our answer.

MUNTAGNARD: Rethinking is our Nature.

Definitely a natural fit.

Meet the Founders: Apero on August 4, 2023 in the flagship store

Would you like to get to know the QWSTION team? Feel free to drop by for an apero on August 4, 2023. You are cordially invited to the Meet the Founders event, where co-founder Christian Kägi will tell you more about the history of QWSTION and Bananatex® and present the products.

Register here or drop by spontaneously.

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Hallo zusammen
Ich finde euren Weg faszinierend und freue mich, euch bald einmal in eurem Store zu besuchen. Herzliche Grüsse

Thomy Müller

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