We are passionate about innovative solutions and our development department is the heart of Muntagnard. Sustainability is not a goal for us, but the lever for innovation. The circular economy in the textile industry must be promoted and we are here to accelerate the change towards a sustainable future.

Pioneering developments from the mountains

MIUtec Iso jacket

Our latest development for the sports sector. The MIUtec Iso jacket was developed together with the industrial design agency Innovation Unit. Together we won the world-renowned ISPO Award 2022 with this product.

Product Highlights​

For us, development never stops. By creating products that remain as a permanent collection in our product portfolio, we aim to continually improve our product solutions with each new production cycle.​

Collaboration as the key

At MUNTAGNARD, we make every effort to know the production partners in our value chain and to work directly with them
– namely back to the raw material supplier. In this way, we can involve our partners in the development and jointly advance textile innovations.

To the producers

Material nerds​

The search for new raw materials, the development of exciting material combinations and the testing of new concepts form our central drive. Quality is always the top priority in our selection of materials. In addition, we only use renewable, recycled and/or biodegradable raw materials, thereby ensuring that the ecological footprint from cultivation to the end of the product's life is kept as small as possible.

To the materials

Built for Circularity

We think and act in terms of the circular economy. What sounds simple is an enormous challenge. Because not only raw materials of individual product components should be recyclable. The complete product - from design to recycling - is rethought and designed for the circular economy.

More about circular economy