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Muntagnard is Romansh and means "mountain man". As a Swiss fashion company with roots in GraubĂŒnden, we want to explore new, unknown paths to promote sustainable innovations and make them tangible. For us, sustainability is not a goal, but the actual starting point and a lever for innovation and continuous development.

We focus on the circular economy concept and combine it with Swiss quality standards to develop timeless favorite pieces.
We want to offer you high-quality and stylish fashion that you can not only wear with pride, but that also represents a statement that you are ready to break new ground and value timeless quality.
We offer you sustainable and innovative clothing that is optimized for quality and comfort. For us, sustainability is not just a goal, but the starting point and driving force for innovation and continuous improvement. Experience fashion that not only looks good, but also feels good.
We develop our products from scratch, from material to function, to create the best possible garments for you. Our goal is to identify the key challenges and create relevant, innovative solutions. We want to offer you peace of mind with products you love.

«We are convinced that today’s
global challenges require entrepreneurial solutions that challenge existing conventions and show new, innovative ways of doing business.»

Co-founder Dario P.

History of origin

Founding of Muntagnard

After around 10 months of intensive research by the two founders, Muntagnard GmbH was founded in spring 2018. At the time, it was intended as a groundbreaking side project to show the textile world that clothing can be both high quality and sustainable. Who could have known back then that this journey would go on so much further?

Own material development

The actual foundation stone for Muntagnard was laid in 2019. The goal was to use the mostly unused Swiss wool again for high-quality fashion. Since no one made such woven fabrics from Swiss wool anymore, the two Muntagnard founders threw themselves into the development themselves and, together with Swiss and Italian partners, created the fabric for the iconic Swiss wool coats LANA.

Market entry

The first Muntagnard product was launched in January 2020. The LEGNA T-shirt was such a sensation at the time due to its composition and construction that it was named the world's first certified plastic-free garment ( here ). To this day, the LEGNA T-shirt made of wood fibers is the absolute bestseller at Muntagnard and can no longer be imagined without it in the product portfolio.

Winter protection

Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic also hit Muntagnard at the worst possible time. After putting everything on one card, no more garments could be produced from April 2020 because all production partners were in lockdown. Due to a request from the canton of GraubĂŒnden, the team worked on a new project during this time: masks for winter sports. A mask solution was developed within a very short time that provided thousands of snow enthusiasts with additional protection during the pandemic.

#color_dark blue

The restart

For almost 1.5 years, Muntagnard's focus was almost exclusively on the distribution of winter masks and the actual core business had to be put on hold due to production losses. Of course, there was diligent development in the background so that the actual launch of the Muntagnard clothing brand could be made in autumn 2021. At this point, the transformed Muntagnard AG already had several employees and the focus was once again exclusively on outerwear for women and men. The first LANA jacket made in Switzerland was launched in September 2021, an enormously defining milestone for the still young company.

Sustainably innovative

In 2022, we continued to work hard. In addition to coats, sweaters and T-shirts made from natural fibers, the product portfolio was supplemented with the award-winning MIUtec line. A product line that is dedicated to the reinterpretation of functional clothing and where jackets are once again the focus. In November 2022, the hard development work was even rewarded with the prestigious ISPO Award. In collaboration with the Swiss Innovation Unit, the MIUtec Iso jacket not only received an ISPO Award, but also won the audience award as the most innovative product of the year.

New ways

After initial attempts in retail trading with selected retail partners, Muntagnard decided at the end of 2022 to focus its strategy on a pure direct-to-consumer brand. This means that since the beginning of 2023, Muntagnard products have been sold exclusively through the company's own channels. This new path was further reinforced with the opening of the Muntagnard flagship store in Chur.

The Swiss fashion brand

As one of the few remaining Swiss fashion brands, the focus remains on Switzerland. Sustainable textile innovations can be experienced through our own online shop and additional Muntagnard shops in strategically relevant locations. With the opening of the next Muntagnard shop in the heart of Zurich in March 2024, the brand identity and positioning will be further strengthened.

The way we talk about sustainability is different.

For us, sustainability is a springboard, not an end point.

It is a lever for innovation, for further development, for improvement.

We never stop developing.

We are inspired by the wild unknown.

We dare to go on not committed ways.

Courage lies in the exploration.

Inspiration lies in naivety.

We see adventures in uncertainty.

The most beautiful things are those that we rediscover.

For us, less means.

Less hustle and bustle, less uncertainty, less of the same.

Less because someone else said we should do it.

React less and act more.

More simplicity, more satisfaction, without compromises.

Go more your own way, without a doubt.

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