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About Us


Muntagnard is Romansh and means “mountainer”. As a Swiss fashion company with roots in Graubünden, we want to explore new, unknown paths to promote sustainable innovations and make them tangible. For us, sustainability is not a goal, but rather the actual starting point and a lever for innovation and continuous development.

We focus on the circular economy idea and combine it with Swiss quality standards to develop timeless favorite pieces.

«We are convinced that today's...
global challenges require entrepreneurial solutions that challenge existing conventions and show new, innovative ways of doing business. Our goal is to be a pioneer in innovative sustainability and circularity without sacrificing quality, comfort and style in our products,"

Co-founder Dario P.

On wool ke 7


Innovative wood fiber


Sustainable cotton


The future of sport


Our drive

We are convinced that in today's world it is good to be different. Different from the standard, different from the status quo and the way it's always been done. We are here to break new ground, test alternative solutions, drive sustainable innovation and, most importantly, make sustainability worth striving for. We rethink and we never stop evolving.

Our team

In the meantime, we are no longer just the two of us tinkering and can count on a great and motivated team. From people with over 20 years of textile experience from well-known, global companies to highly ambitious career changers, we have everything that a modern Swiss company needs in growth.

Our goal

We want to make the most compelling products and solutions available to our customers to drive the transition to a circular economy. Sustainability, quality and style should no longer be contradictory and we want to lead the way as pioneers by setting a good example.

The way we talk about sustainability is different.
For us, sustainability is a stepping stone, not an end point.
It is a lever for innovation, for further development, for improvement.
We never stop developing.
We are inspired by the wild unknown.
We venture into untrodden paths.
There is courage in exploration.
In naivety lies inspiration.
We see adventure in the unknown.
The most beautiful things are those that we rediscover.
For us, less means more.
Less rush, less uncertainty, less of the same.
Less because someone else said we should do it.
React less and act more.
More simplicity, more satisfaction, without compromise.
Go your own way more, without a doubt.


We think about products with an open mind, from material to function, to create the best possible version. We don't just make products. We identify the main challenges and try to develop relevant and new solutions. All developments must correspond to our understanding of the circular economy.