about us

We want to move mountains

Muntagnard is Romansh and means «mountain people». As a Swiss fashion company with roots in Graubünden, we want to uncompromisingly combine business and sustainability. We go new, unknown ways to promote sustainable innovations and make them tangible. For us, sustainability is not a goal, but the actual starting point and a lever for innovation and continuous development.

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Rethinking Textiles
«We produce high-quality products for those who want to wear innovative clothing without sacrificing comfort, style and quality.»

Dario & Dario

Out of sustainability and strategy consulting, into the most exciting adventure of our lives. A dream became an idea and from this idea our company Muntagnard was born. After thousands of hours of research, incredulous looks from textile experts and many setbacks, we can now call ourselves entrepreneurs, product developers and textile enthusiasts.

About Muntagnard

We are a young and dynamic Swiss company that wants to promote the circular economy in the textile sector with the most convincing solutions.

Sustainable innovations

We think about products with an open mind, from material to function, to create the best possible version. We don't just make products. We identify the main challenges and try to develop relevant and new solutions. All developments must correspond to our understanding of the circular economy.

«Transparency along our value chain is an essential part of our work. Transparency does not mean that we reveal every detail. For us, transparency means providing the context for the decisions we make.»

Dario G., co-founder Muntagnard

The way we talk about sustainability is different.

For us, sustainability is a stepping stone, not an end point.

It is a lever for innovation, for further development, for improvement.

We never stop developing.

We are inspired by the wild unknown.

We venture into untrodden paths.

There is courage in exploration.

In naivety lies inspiration.

We see adventure in the unknown.

The most beautiful things are those that we rediscover.

For us, less means more.

Less rush, less uncertainty, less of the same.

Less because someone else said we should do it.

React less and act more.

More simplicity, more satisfaction, without compromise.

Go your own way more, without a doubt.