We consciously go in circles

We attach great importance to closed cycles, which enable the materials used to be recycled and reused in the best possible way. We are constantly researching and developing new processes to improve our textile solutions and promote a circular economy. With our textile solutions you can be sure that you not only receive high-quality products, but also contribute to a sustainable future.

Sustainable innovations

The textile industry is much more complex than it might appear at first glance. In addition, sustainability must always be considered comprehensively, which only makes the challenge even greater. We take care of it for you and want to get this complexity out of the way for you by making high-quality and sustainably thought-out innovations usable.

More about sustainability

"Made in" is not enough

Numerous specialized companies are involved in the manufacture of a garment, often in different countries. The "Made in" usually only refers to the last step: the production or sewing. The obligatory "Made in" is therefore not enough for us! We want to make it possible for you to be able to trace the product transparently - ideally right back to the raw material. In order for items of clothing to become favorite items, you have to know their history and origin.

To our partners

The future will be great

Sustainable innovations can surprise and convince us all in a positive way. There are countless exciting technologies, materials and concepts that we want to make tangible and usable. That’s why you always find the word “rethinking” in our mottos. Because we never want to stop thinking about and promoting the transition to a great future. Promised.

Solution-oriented forward

At MUNTAGNARD we are unstoppable optimists. We don't want to be doomsayers and skeptics. Like our Swiss ancestors, we remain tenacious when it comes to our mission. Because we are convinced that the future does not have to stand for compromises and restrictions.

«Transparency along our value chain is an essential part of our work. If we show every single detail, this can quickly seem overwhelming. For us, transparency means above all presenting the context for the decisions we have made.»​

Dario P., co-founder Muntagnard

Comfort & Quality

Our products are designed to make you feel good and look good. We offer you a wide range of modern and timeless styles. From casual wear to sportswear, we have everything you need for an active lifestyle. Make a fashion statement and wear the clothes of the future.