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Control through transparency

Every garment has its own story. We want to show as transparently as possible what is behind each of our products and how this is to be evaluated in terms of sustainability.

The global and non-transparent value chains are the origin of major sustainability problems. At Muntagnard, we make every effort to get to know the production partners in our value chain – right back to the raw material supplier. In this way we want to ensure that we know the social and ecological standards of our products and that we can help to further develop the current high standard.

In addition, transparency should underline the credibility of our ambition and, above all, provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can make conscious decisions.

Whoever measures knows more

Ever since Muntagnard started, we have made every effort to understand the complete supply chain and always make informed decisions for or against a material, a partner company or a process technology. Traceability allows us to collect very detailed data. This data gives us knowledge and an even better understanding of our impact. In order to keep our impact on the environment and people as low as possible and to constantly improve ourselves, we need to know where the relevant levers are and what they can do.

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How much transparency is needed?

The well-known "Made in" on the label tells only a fraction of the story of a piece of clothing. We want and need to understand how our clothes are made, right down to the origin of the raw material. This transparency in the supply chain is key to measuring our impact and then taking meaningful action to improve it. If we show every single detail, this can quickly seem overwhelming. Therefore, for us, transparency means providing the context for the decisions we make.

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