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From 08/24/2023


MIUtec Iso Hooded Jacket & Vest

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The award-winning MIUtec Iso jacket has been further developed and supplemented with a hooded jacket and vest. These products are sold exclusively through Kickstarter .

A jacket where premium fashion meets circularity. MIUtec Iso so you don't have to compromise on function, style or sustainability.

Made entirely from reusable materials.

Support us on Kickstarter and discover why MIUtec Iso is the last jacket you'll ever need. It doesn't matter whether you're going to dinner with your family, playing a round of golf with friends, hiking in the Swiss Alps or cycling to work.

The campaign runs from 08/24/2023 - 09/24/2023 .

Early Bird offers will soon sell out.

Within the first day we were already able to reach our Kickstarter goal and there are only a few early bird offers left. It pays to be quick.

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What is special about MIUtec Iso?

While most insulating jackets are made from a mixture of different materials that are neither recyclable nor biodegradable, the MIUtec insulating jacket consists of only two mono-materials that are recyclable and degradable. This way your jacket never has to end up in the trash.

It offers the usual functionality and performance and is a pioneering innovation for sustainable clothing.

The innovation of simplicity

We use a new generation of performance materials and the entire jacket is made from just two mono materials.

Instead of down or a non-degradable synthetic fill, we use insulation made from wood-based fibers . So you get the same functionality and performance, but wear bio-based and biodegradable insulation.

Every other detail, including the entire zip, sewing thread, pockets, etc., is made from just a single raw material - a new type of polyamide that is both recyclable and more rapidly degradable.

MIUtec Iso - designed for circularity.

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MIUtec Iso hooded jacket

MIUtec Iso vest

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