Unser Sinneswandel zur meistgenutzten Naturfaser
From the start of the Muntagnard adventure, Dario and I disregarded cotton as a material of choice for our project. Yes, it is the most popular natural material in the textile industry, everyone loves its versatility, comfort, durability and affordable price. Yet, the environmental and social impacts throughout the entire supply chain are tremendous (see for example here) and the lack of transparency is simply worrisome. By completely avoiding cotton, we pressured ourselves to come up we new and alternative solutions. The T-Shirt LEGNA was the first direct consequence of this approach and might never have happened otherwise.

Then, we finally found a cotton solution that offered high quality, traceability, and transparency, right here in Europe, not far away from Switzerland. It changed our mind – instead of ignoring cotton, we set out to rethink cotton and push the boundaries for the next chapter of this amazing raw material.

We discovered Supreme Green Cotton® from small family farms in Greece. Our Greek partners developed a luxurious, long-staple cotton that sets the new standard in the premium segment of textiles: a fully traceable, sustainable innovation. This high-quality cotton is cultivated on small family farms in Greece. The yarns are spun less than 200 km away from the cotton farms and from there they get transported to our fabric producer in northern Portugal where they get transformed into the most sustainable cotton fabric in the premium segment out there. Producing in Europe not only means optimized transportation routes and higher environmental guidelines, but also stricter social standards, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the workers involved.

Unlike its conventional counterpart, Supreme Green Cotton® is not genetically modified, needs almost no pesticides and keeps habitats natural. Moreover, a specific irrigation system is applied which requires 40% less water and all excessive water is collected for reuse.

With the MANGOLA product line (Romansh for cotton) we address the challenge of finding a more innovative way to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the cotton fabric.

Our first MANGOLA product is the absolute classic, found in everyone’s closet, a crew-neck T-Shirt.

Rethinking a classic T-Shirt in an essentially different way is what Dario and I aimed for. The MANGOLA T-Shirt is probably the most luxurious cotton T-Shirt you’ve ever laid your hands on – and it’s pretty sustainable too. As a mono-fibre product, the T-Shirt is fully recyclable and biodegradable, thus fitting perfectly into our circular economy model and of course our already existing product family with LEGNA and LANA.

We are determined to rethink cotton to give it the appreciation and value it deserves. In fact, it is one of the most luxurious and precious textile fibres out there and as soon as you have experienced our MANGOLA fabric, you will know why. With MANGOLA we offer a no-compromise cotton option regarding quality, comfort, and sustainability.

Even though our road towards more sustainable cotton will be a long one, we are happy to embark on it with our first MANGOLA T-Shirt made with Supreme Green Cotton®.

Dario G.

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