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Article: The new generation of MIUtec Iso

Die neue Generation von MIUtec Iso

The new generation of MIUtec Iso

We're super excited to introduce the latest products from our award-winning MIUtec line: the MIUtec Iso hooded jacket and vest. These two new developments are the result of the first generation of the MIUtec Iso jacket, which conquered the hearts of our customers at breakneck speed last year.

MIUtec Iso Hooded Jacket & Vest

MIUtec Iso stands for clothing where premium fashion meets circularity and we are pursuing the goal that our customers do not have to compromise on function, style or sustainability. For this we use completely reusable materials and have created a jacket that is suitable as a perfect everyday jacket, travel companion, active wear and casual jacket for going out.

Two jackets: MIUtec Iso Hooded jacket and Iso Vest

Why did we develop MIUtec?

Since Muntagnard was founded, it has always been our goal to combine high-quality fashion with consistent sustainability. We always pursue the ambition to create timeless garments that are developed for the circular economy. After we were able to implement exciting developments in the field of natural fibers - from the first certified plastic-free t-shirt to the recycling of Swiss wool in classic winter coats - it was time to enter the world of functional fibers.

Functional fibers and synthetics in general have fallen into disrepute over the last few decades and very often such textile fibers are completely ignored when looking for sustainable solutions. To be honest, we didn't see things very differently at first and didn't think too much outside the box. We are now convinced that the functional fiber has earned its place in the sustainable textile industry and is definitely here to stay. In order to show that synthetics can not only be used to create sustainable clothing, but also pioneering textile solutions, we have created our MIUtec line .

The innovation of simplicity

Whether it's an insulated jacket, hooded jacket or vest, they are all basically the same and were developed according to the concept of mono materials. So what makes these jackets unique are the new next-generation functional materials and that they are designed for circular economy. In contrast, ordinary insulating jackets consist of a mixture of different materials. So, all in all, a colorful mix of fibers and materials, which is one of the main reasons why only 1% of all clothing is actually recycled today.

We, on the other hand, have designed our insulating jackets using only two mono materials. Instead of down or a non-degradable synthetic filling, we use wood-based fiber insulation, which gives the jacket the same functionality and performance, but is completely bio-based and degradable.

And the best part of the jacket: every other detail, including the entire zip, sewing thread, pockets, etc., is made from a single raw material - a new type of polyamide with improved degradation properties.

MIUtec Iso as a milestone

In autumn 2022, 150 MIUtec Iso jackets were produced to test the concept and the market. After we were not only convinced of the product, but also received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers, we decided to develop this project further and design the next generation of MIUtec jackets. This first generation not only won the renowned ISPO Award 2022, but also received the coveted ISPO Public Choice Award.

MIUtec Iso on Kickstarter

" Kickstarter " is a so-called crowdfunding platform . The point here is that the investment capital required for production is collected in advance in order to realize a project or, in our case, a product.

A jacket production is associated with enormous expenditure of time and very high investments, which are usually already incurred before a product has been ordered and paid for by the customer. With Kickstarter, we want to ensure on the one hand that only as many products are produced as there is actually a demand and that we can plan enough production capacity for all interested parties.

With this campaign, we know the quantities and desired sizes very well. In this way we ensure that there is hardly any waste and stock goods due to overproduction and we reduce our financial risk in production.

We would also like to offer our products to an international audience far beyond the Swiss national borders via this platform.

The MIUtec Iso Hooded Jacket

What does our clientele get out of it?

If you buy a MIUtec Iso hooded jacket or vest via the Kickstarter campaign, you will receive it at an absolute top price (up to 33% cheaper). And because the money is only debited if the project actually comes about, you can buy the jacket risk-free at the best price.

This is how you support us

To "buy" a jacket and support us, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. If you don't have a Kickstarter account yet, just do it here create your own account.
  2. Then go to our Kickstarter page ( here ) and select the jacket you want
  3. Finish the payment process and send the order. Important for: the card will not be charged until we have successfully completed the campaign.
  4. We then contact all buyers to ask for all shipping details, payment for shipping and the desired jacket size.

Campaign duration : 08/24/2023 - 09/24/2023
Early Bird offer : 33% discount, planned delivery Nov/Dec 2023, limited quantity!!
Kickstarter offer : 25% discount, planned delivery Feb/Mar 2024, offer valid until 09/24/2023

🌎 Born in the Swiss mountains. Developed for circularity. 🌎

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